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ChemBridge Releases New DIVERSet™-CL Diversity Library

San Diego, California, April 17, 2012

ChemBridge has expanded the successful DIVERSet™ diversity library offering with the addition of the new DIVERSet™-CL diversity library. Stringent druglike and chemical structure filters coupled with a 3D conformer analysis were used to select a premium set of druglike compounds uniquely available from ChemBridge that offer maximum pharmacophore coverage and chemical diversity. The 50,000 compound DIVERSet™-CL library is selected from ChemBridge’s CORE Library stock of more than 360,000 parallel-synthesized compounds based on novel scaffolds designed by ChemBridge. The DIVERSet™-CL and DIVERSet™-EXP libraries are complementary and can be combined to create a 100,000-compound diversity library. DIVERSet™ libraries are ideally suited for screening programs that require a broad range of diversity. Click here for more information on the DIVERSet™-CL and DIVERSet™-EXP diversity libraries.

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