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ChemBridge Releases New Macrocycle Library Screening Compounds

San Diego, CA, USA, March 1, 2017

ChemBridge has released it's new Macrocycle Library of more than 6,000 macrocycle screening compounds. The Macrocycle Library is a new library of more than 6,000 macrocyclic compounds. The use of synthetic macrocycles is becoming a well-recognized approach for low druggability targets such as antimicrobial, antiviral, and protein-protein interaction inhibition. ChemBridge chemists have produced a diverse collection of novel synthetic macrocycle scaffolds, some based on natural products. To date we have developed over 70 core macrocyclic scaffolds. Primary ring sizes range from 11 to 27 atoms and MW weight up to 800. Researchers can custom select compounds from the Macrocycle Library or purchase the full set.

For more details on this new library, please click here to visit the Macrocycle Library page or contact To download an SDfile of the Macrocycle Library compounds, please login to your account or create an account.

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