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San Diego, California, January 24, 2011

New Compound Databases Available

New ChemBridge screening compound databases available via this link: http://www.chembridge.com/data.html

Updated Fragment Library Released

ChemBridge has released an updated version of our Fragment Library that offers new compounds. More than 6,000 compounds are available for your custom selection in milligram or micromole amounts. Click here to learn more.

Novel Lead-like Compounds Added to NOVACore Library

More than 25,000 new compounds have been added to our NOVACore Library, expanding the range of diverse, novel, lead-like compounds available from ChemBridge. Click here to learn more.

24-48 Hour Delivery from San Diego Rush Stock Expanded

ChemBridge has expanded our San Diego, CA, Rush inventory by adding a new package size. Click here to learn more.

Building Block Collection Expanded

ChemBridge expanded its specialty Building Block Collection by more than 1,500 compounds in 2010 and now offers more than 13,000 building blocks. Click here to learn more.

ChemBridge Events

  • Drug Discovery for Neurodegeneration (Feb 6-8, 2011) San Diego, CA – Delegate
  • CHI Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference (Feb 23-24, 2011) San Francisco, CA – Exhibitor
  • 3rd RSC–BMCS Fragment-based Drug Discovery (March 7-8, 2011) Stevenage, England – Exhibitor
  • Select Biosciences ADMET & MedChem & Flow Chemistry & Pharma Outsourcing Congress (Mar 28-29, 2011) Munich, Germany – Exhibitor
  • SBS 17th Annual Conference & Exposition (Mar 28-30, 2011) Orlando, FL – Exhibitor
  • ACS Spring National Meeting & Exposition (Mar 28-30, 2011) Anaheim, CA – Exhibitor

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