Screening Libraries for CNS-Focused Research

Small molecule leadlike and druglike sets for CNS focused programs

ChemBridge offers three options for drug discovery and chemical biology researchers working on CNS-focused programs. All 3 offer compounds with properties aligned with blood brain barrier (BBB) penetration and selected using varying methods.

CNS-MPO Library - NEW!

  • High quality leadlike, PAINS-free, small molecule compounds for CNS focused drug discovery
  • High probability of blood-brain barrier (BBB) penetration with improved clearance and safety profile based on CNS MPO calculation
  • Structurally diverse subsets available with options to bias towards hit-finding and leadlike subsets
  • Custom select from more than 250,000 structures to meet your specific requirements
  • Structural analogs represented within the CNS-MPO Library available for SAR studies

For more details, visit the CNS-MPO Library page

Macrocycle CNS Subset - NEW!

  • Subset selected from the new Macrocycle Library compounds launched March 2017
  • Synthetic macrocycles with potential application for CNS drug discovery
  • Extensive conformational analysis used to calculate adjusted CNS MPO score in lipophilic solvent
  • 4,000+ macrocycles available; custom select or purchase the full set

For more details, visit the Macrocycle CNS Subset page

CNS-Set Library

  • Leadlike and druglike compounds with increased probability of BBB penetration and oral bioavailability
  • Selected using physiochemical property filters and computational methods
  • Custom select from more than 50,000 structures to meet you specific requirements

For more details, visit the CNS-Set Library page

If you would like additional information on these options, please use the Request Product Info. button on this page or email

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