Diversity Libraries

Pre-selected diversity libraries for HTS and chemical biology

ChemBridge draws from its extensive stock to create pre-selected, pre-plated diversity libraries that provide our clients access to small molecule libraries offering diverse chemotypes and pharmacophores at attractive prices. These diversity libraries are available at lower minimum masses, allowing users to purchase smaller amounts compared to custom, cherry-picked selections, and include the following libraries:

These diverse screening compound libraries are ideal starting points for clients looking for a wide range of diversity to screen against targets from many classes or where little biological information is available to support targeted or focused screening.

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DIVERSet™ Libraries

We offer two, complementary DIVERSet Libraries: The DIVERSet-CL Library and the DIVERSet-EXP Library. Both libraries offer a diverse set of compounds with extensive pharmacophore coverage. The DIVERSet-CL Library is a total of 50,000 compounds and the DIVERSet-EXP Library is a total of 50,000 compounds with the two libraries covering different chemical space. Stringent druglike and desirable chemical group filters coupled with a 3D conformer analysis are used to select leadlike and druglike compounds with maximum pharmacophore coverage and chemical diversity.

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The DIVERSet Libraries are ideal tools for initial screening programs that require high diversity and quality druglike and leadlike compounds, and the two, complementary sets can be combined to create a 100,000 compound library that maintains overall diversity. Researchers can also purchase smaller, partial sets in 10,000 compound increments (10,000, 20,000, 30,000, etc. compounds) from either DIVERSet Library. These small molecule diversity libraries are available in 96-well and 384-well format.

CombiSet Library

The 20,000-compound CombiSet Library offers a selection of compounds from our CORE Library stock at a lower cost point than a custom, cherry-picked selection. Multiple scaffolds are represented, with a sampling of final compounds around each of the scaffolds, which provides SAR within the set. A limited number of copies of the CombiSet Library remain. A 10,000 compound partial set can be purchased. CombiSet Library compounds can be combined with DIVERSet Library or MicroFormat Library compounds to expand to larger pre-plated library sizes

MicroFormat Library

The MicroFormat Library was recently reformatted to provide economical access to representative, drug-like, PAINS free compounds selected from the 500,000 compound EXPRESS-Pick Collection stock. Up to 50,000 compounds are available pre-plated in umol format as 10mM DMSO solutions or as dry film in 96-well or 384-well format. Partial sets in 10,000 compound increments can be purchased. MicroFormat Library compounds can be combined with DIVERSet Library or CombiSet Library compounds to expand to larger pre-plated library sizes.

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