Screening Libraries

Small molecule screening libraries
for high-throughput screening
and fragment-based screening

Chemical Building Blocks

Specialty chemical building blocks
for hit-to-lead, lead optimization,
and medicinal chemistry programs

Chemistry Services

Synthetic chemistry services including
re-synthesis, medchem support
and custom library synthesis

Online Chemical Store

Search our complete inventory of
screening compounds & building blocks
and view up-to-date pricing & availability

Pre-plated MicroFormat Library Sale!

Recently reformatted MicroFormat Library is currently being offered up to 60% off through the end of 2018 while supplies last. This PAINS-free, pre-plated set is 60,000 compounds total (minimum purchase of 10,000 compounds). To request further information, please click here.

About ChemBridge

ChemBridge Corporation is a global provider of enabling chemistry products and contract research services for small molecule drug discovery. ChemBridge’s extensive portfolio includes over 1.1 million diverse and target-focused screening compounds, over 14,000 chemical building blocks, our on-line chemical store, and high-end, research-intensive custom library and synthetic/medicinal chemistry services...(read more)

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