Diversity, CNS and
Assay Ready Libraries
 Pre-plated Format

Nanoliter Volume, Assay Ready Pre-plated Library Copies

ChemBridge currently offers copies of a 50,000 compound DIVERSet-CL Library in nanoliter amounts for single use. Copies are created using an acoustic liquid handler and a range of volumes in 2.5 nanoliter increments can be provided. Copies can be prepared in different types of assay plate in order to meet the requirements of different assay technologies.

  • All DIVERSet-CL Library compounds are from our CORE Library Stock that represents ChemBridge’s novel, internally designed stock of lead-like compounds with increased 3D character
  • Pre-plated DIVERSet-CL Library compounds have an excellent structural diversity profile
  • A wide range of diverse structures and chemotypes are represented, with compounds having increased 3D character
Physiochemical Properties

Properties for compounds in the DIVERSet-CL Library are closely aligned with the physiochemical property profile of the CORE Library Stock from which the compounds are selected:

  • Molecular Weight Average: 337
  • Fsp3 Average: 0.46
  • clogP Average: 1.5
  • TPSA Average: 65.7
  • H-bond Donor Count Average: 1.0
  • H-bond Acceptor Count Average: 3.9
  • Rotatable Bond Count Average: 4.5
  • Available 384-well or 1536-well format
  • Available as 10mM DMSO solutions
Structure Files

For a file of structures, please contact ChemBridge Sales