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Contact Details for ChemBridge and our Authorized Distributors in Asia

Contact ChemBridge Support or ChemBridge Sales with inquiries regarding our building blocks, screening libraries, macrocycles, or chemistry services or submit an information request

Corporate Headquarters
  • ChemBridge Corporation
    11199 Sorrento Valley Rd., Suite 206
    San Diego, CA 92121 USA
    Phone: +1.858.451.7400
    (US toll free 1.800.964.6143)
Screening Compound and Library Sales

For screening compound sets in the hundreds or higher or for screening libraries, please use the contact information below:

  • North and South America
    Contact ChemBridge Headquarters
    Phone: +1.858.451.7400
    (US toll free 1.800.964.6143), Option 3
  • Europe, India and Middle East
    Contact Dr. Reg Richardson
    Phone: +44 1386 765519
  • South Korea
    Customers in Korea can purchase directly from
    ChemBridge or can contact our business partner
    AnyGen Co., Ltd.
    Phone: +82 61 395 1180
Building Block Sales
  • Worldwide
    Contact ChemBridge Headquarters at:
    Phone: +1.858.451.7400
    (US toll free 1.800.964.6143), Option 3
    Fax: +1.858.451.7401

P.R. China authorized distributors include: