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Company Background

ChemBridge Corporation is celebrating 31 years as a global provider of enabling chemistry products and contract research services for small molecule drug discovery, chemical biology, and agrochemical discovery programs. Our extensive portfolio includes over 1.3 million diverse and target-focused small molecule screening compounds, more than 20,000 novel, synthetic macrocycles, over 14,000 chemical building blocks, our on-line chemical store, and high-end, research-intensive custom library and synthetic/medicinal chemistry services.

ChemBridge actively designs and synthesizes novel lead-like and drug-like screening compounds and novel synthetic macrocycles based on proprietary internal designs and inspired by the latest scientific publications and collaborations with external scientists. With customers throughout North America, Europe, Asia and the rest of the world, we have delivered millions of screening compounds, macrocycles, fragments and building blocks to thousands of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and academic/non-profit organizations worldwide. These compounds have supported small molecule drug discovery and chemical biology programs in industry and academia and have enabled many scientific discoveries, as featured in over 7,000 publications in leading research journals.

ChemBridge is a privately held, US company founded in 1993 in Chicago, IL, and headquartered in San Diego, CA, USA.