Diversity, CNS and
Assay Ready Libraries
 Pre-plated Format

Pre-plated DIVERSet, DCL and CNS Diversity Libraries for Hit Finding

For hit finding across different targets, against novel targets, or for discovery of new chemical series against existing targets, ChemBridge offers more than 170,000 diverse compounds in economical, pre-plated format. These pre-plated libraries are suitable for biochemical assays, phenotypic assays, and assays using model organisms such as bacteria, yeast, C. elegans, zebrafish or Arabidopsis. ChemBridge’s pre-plated diversity libraries, which include the DIVERSet Libraries, have been used for research and drug discovery across many disease areas resulting in hundreds of citations in published research articles.

Researchers can select from 18 different diversity blocks of 10,000 compounds each. There is also an option to purchase half a block, allowing the flexibility to purchase from 5,000 up to 180,000 compounds. The pre-plated libraries are available as 10mM DMSO solutions (or in dry film format) at low volume / low micromole amounts and can be provided in 384-well or 96-well format including formatting in plates compatible with acoustic liquid handling systems.

ChemBridge continues to expand our pre-plated diversity offering by releasing new diversity blocks as new compounds based on novel, proprietary ChemBridge designs are added to our stock.

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Diverse, Pre-plated, CORE Library Stock Compounds

All compounds are from ChemBridge’s CORE Library Stock that represents our internally designed and synthesized, lead-like compounds.

  • A total of 13 CORE Library Stock pre-plated blocks are available (10,000 compounds each, non-overlapping and complementary). This includes DIVERSet-CL Library blocks, pre-plated CNS-MPO Library blocks and D-CL Library blocks
  • Each block offers structurally diverse compounds, high scaffold diversity, and a high count of unique pharmacophores
  • Compounds are lead-like and meet Lipinski drug-like rules and more stringent rules for lead-like compounds such as Veber’s rules
  • 5 of the 13 diversity blocks are also 100% CNS-compliant and other blocks have up to 60% CNS-compliant compounds; the 5 blocks that are 100% CNS-compliant are composed of compounds that are lead-like and have high CNS MPO (multiparameter optimization) scores (4.0 to the maximum of 6.0 - for additional background visit the CNS-MPO Library page

Properties for a pre-plated CORE Library Stock compounds are closely aligned with CORE Library Stock properties, which are listed below:

  • Molecular Weight Average: 337
  • Fsp3 Average: 0.465
  • clogP Average: 1.5
  • TPSA Average: 65.7
  • H-bond Donor Count Average: 1.0
  • H-bond Acceptor Count Average: 3.9
  • Rotatable Bond Count Average: 4.5
Diverse, Pre-plated, EXPRESS-Pick Stock Compounds

All compounds are from ChemBridge’s EXPRESS-Pick Stock that includes lead-like compounds and traditional drug-like (Rule of 5) compounds.

  • The EXPRESS-Pick Stock has no overlap with our internally designed and synthesized CORE Library Stock and offers chemotypes not represented in the CORE Library Stock
  • A total of 5 diversity blocks are available (10,000 compounds each, non-overlapping and no overlap with pre-plated diversity blocks from the CORE Library Stock); the 5 blocks are from the DIVERSet-EXP Library

Properties for pre-plated EXPRESS-Pick Stock compounds are closely aligned with EXPRESS-Pick Stock properties, which are listed below:

  • Molecular Weight Average: 323
  • clogP Average: 2.9
  • TPSA Average: 58.7
  • H-bond Donor Count Average: 0.9
  • H-bond Acceptor Count Average: 3.3
  • Rotatable Bond Count Average: 3.2
  • Economically priced, pre-plated sets
  • Available in 384-well or 96-well format, including acoustic-compatible plates
  • Available as 10mM DMSO solutions or as dry film
  • Amounts of 0.25micromole and higher available (25ul and higher for DMSO solutions)
Structure Files

For a file of structures, please contact ChemBridge Sales