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Assay Ready Libraries
 Pre-plated Format

High-quality, CNS Focused Small Molecules in Pre-plated Format

ChemBridge created a new central nervous system (CNS) focused compound selection, the CNS-MPO Library, to support CNS drug discovery and research programs. Small molecule screening compounds included in the CNS-MPO Library selection are predicted to have a higher probability of crossing the blood-brain barrier (BBB) based on a multiparameter optimization (MPO) approach. The CNS-MPO Library represents a subset of more than 450,000 compounds from ChemBridge’s stock with high CNS MPO scores (4.0 to the maximum of 6.0). Researchers can custom select from the 450,000 compounds, and 40,000 CNS-MPO Library compounds are also available in pre-plated format. This page provides information on the subset of 40,000 compounds that are available in pre-plated format. These pre-plated compounds are available as blocks of 10,000 compounds each providing the option to purchase from 10,000 up to all 40,000 pre-plated CNS-MPO Library compounds. For details on the CNS-MPO Library selection process, visit the main CNS-MPO Library page.

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  • All pre-plated CNS-MPO compounds are from our CORE Library Stock
  • Compounds included in the pre-plated format have CNS MPO scores of 4.0 to 6.0
  • Compounds were filtered using PAINS, REOS and other negative filters, and carboxylic acids were removed
  • A wide range of diverse structures and chemotypes are represented, and compounds have increased 3D character
Physiochemical Properties

Properties for compounds in the pre-plated CNS-MPO Library represent a more lead-like range due to the requirements of the CNS MPO scoring approach and the inclusion of only those compounds with CNS MPO scores of 4.0 to the maximum of 6.0:

  • Molecular Weight Average: 338.5
  • Fsp3 Average: 0.4
  • clogP Average: 1.5
  • TPSA Average: 67.4
  • H-bond Donor Count Average: 4.0
  • H-bond Acceptor Count Average: 0.9
  • Rotatable Bond Count Average: 4.7
  • Economically priced, pre-plated CNS option
  • Available in 384-well or 96-well format, including in acoustic qualified plates
  • Available as 10mM DMSO solutions or as dry film
  • Amounts of 0.25 micromole and higher available (25ul and higher for DMSO solutions)
  • Purchase 10,000 to 40,000 pre-plated CNS-MPO Library compounds
Structure Files

For a file of structures, please contact ChemBridge Sales